Trial Update

September 22, 2020

Assange hearing observation sum-up:

“[…] Dr. Kopelman said that Assange, who has been diagnosed with clinical depression and Asperger’s syndrome, would be at a high risk of suicide if he were extradited to the United States. […] Dr. Kopelman testified […] that he has severe depression and he has been making end-of-life preparations. Dr. Kopelman reviewed Assange’s personal, medical ,and family history as factors in his determination as well as observations he made in these visits. He also noted that renowned Autism expert Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen has found that suicide is nine times more likely in patients with Asperger’s syndrome.”

“Julian is profoundly worried that his medical history will be used to discredit him and all that he has worked for, to paint the achievements of Wikileaks in promoting open government and citizen knowledge as the fantasy of a deranged mind. I have no doubt this will be tried, but fortunately there has been a real change in public understanding and acknowledgement of mental illness. […M]y account will be less detailed than others, because I have decided to censor much of what was said. I do this on the grounds that, when it comes to his medical history, Julian’s right to privacy ought not to be abolished by these proceedings. […] Kopelman had no doubt that Julian was liable to commit suicide if extradited. “It is the disorder which brings the suicide risk. Extradition is the trigger.” ”

“Auch bei Kopelman versucht die Anklage die Expertise in Frage zu stellen, der emeritierte Professor mit jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung reagiert recht ungehalten: “Ich dachte nicht, dass ich für eine Art Einstufungstest hier sei.” “


  • Here’s to you, Julian Assange! “This is the message we all must deliver to those who held [Assange]: if you kill a man, you create a myth which will continue to mobilize thousands.”, Sept 22 2020